How Web Price Scrapping can help B2C market players to improve their sales and marketing results

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Imagine a manufacturer of home automation products that has more than 30 different items on its sales catalog. In order to calculate the sales prices to retailer partners, several factors are considered, such as raw material costs, expenses with employees, profit margin, and so forth.  

However, after selling their products to retailers, the manufacturer cannot control the prices charged to the final consumer. These final prices constitute a piece of valuable information. Not having access to such information causes manufacturers to miss the opportunity to closely monitor the development of their products in the marketplace. 

Given the continuous growth of retail sales through e-commerce sites and marketplaces, understanding what prices are charged to final consumers is key to retail and manufacturers focused on B2C. Such monitoring may help develop strategies to sell at fair and reasonable prices, undertake effective promotions, improve marketing decisions, and so on. It is possible to access this type of information through Web Price Scraping services, that is price monitoring on the web. 

Such a solution provides a consistent database for B2C retailers and manufacturers to closely and constantly monitor the prices at which their products are being sold, helping to manage these items consistently. It can also make it possible for manufacturers and retailers to understand which products are at an advantage or disadvantage compared to competitors. 

This type of service offered by ASM is fully customized to the needs of each company. It allows market players to monitor their prices (as well as their competitors’) and commercial terms on several sites simultaneously. The delivery frequency of this information is set according to each customer’s needs ranging from daily to monthly. 

On top of directly monitoring prices, other related information can be collected and tracked, such as product features, models, images of the products offered, promotions, and payment plans. Such data can be made available directly in each manufacturer’s systems or through a platform provided by ASM. 

The price and commercial terms monitoring process, which previously required a lot of time, resources, and human resources, can now be carried out in a practical, fast, and real-time fashion. Implementing such monitoring will help companies develop better sales and marketing strategies and increase their sales volumes more intelligently and effectively.