Information Management

Solutions based on software development focused on the collection, processing, analysis and visualization of strategic information.

ASM has been developing for more than 10 years a series of customized information management platforms. These are solutions based on the development of software aimed at supporting the collection, processing, analysis and delivery of strategic information.

This service line was born from the vision of ASM formulated even in the year 2006 that the information generated in market intelligence projects would in the future be generated and predominantly delivered as services through technology. Our clients believed in this vision and helped us to achieve it with projects that started in the last decade and continue to be delivered until today, and which have expanded their scopes over time. Proof that our vision continues to be relevant and generating value for our customers.

Over the years, we have developed strategic management platforms for a number of processes, such as sales and inventory management in indirect sales channels, management of campaigns with commercial partners (resellers and distributors), business opportunity management of internal and external sales), price collecting robots, among others. All the platforms developed by ASM are delivered as a service and always developed in a customized way for our customers.

Unlike software development companies, the platforms developed by ASM are always tied to a service rendering, so we do not market software per se, but rather continuous information management services. Our analysts monitor the progress of the collection processes daily, conduct a series of analyzes and reports, and guarantee the quality of the information delivered. Our human resources are dedicated to each of the projects in order to ensure that their goals are achieved.

Contact ASM so we can assist you in solving a range of addressable business problems through technology coupled with ASM's market intelligence experience.