Account Profile

We offer the possibility of managing and organizing campaigns in a logical, consistent and simplified way.

We conduct detailed reviews of various business aspects of your customers and prospects. Account profiles can include strategic information such as investment plans, positioning, mergers and acquisitions, organizational structure; and tactics such as purchasing policies, map makers and influencers, investment priorities in the short and medium term, among others.

ASM has extensive experience in developing corporate customer profiles of different sizes, economic sectors and geographies, including North America and Latin America.

  • Implement strategies that effectively meet the goals of your target audience;
  • Get access to your major client's investment plans by focusing on the most relevant aspects of your business;
  • Anticipate strategic trends and movements of customers and prospects based on accurate and reliable information;
  • Know who are the key decision makers within the structures of your current and potential customers;
  • Access the perceptions your customers and prospects have about your company, as well as your key competitors.