Solutions to maximize sales results during the Black Friday period

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Most companies have already started implementing their sales and marketing strategies for the next Black Friday. Companies must develop a consistent omnichannel strategy to take advantage of this event, which is becoming increasingly critical to the retail sector. According to the global research company Adyen, 71% of consumers state that omnichannel is a positive experience that companies should keep on investing over the following years.  

The omnichannel means integrating all sales and communication channels aimed at the final customer. In this sense, companies prepare themselves for challenges such as allowing a product purchased online to be returned on a physical site, say a department store, and taking another home from this physical site. At first glance, it seems a pretty simple process, but it involves a series of processes and technologies supporting this sort of business interaction.  

Closely monitoring sales volumes and sales channels inventory levels is crucial to make products available during the Black Friday weeks and after the event, when most of the product returns and changes occur online and offline. Also, this monitoring is of paramount importance to the success of marketing campaigns that involve promotions, guaranteeing that products will be available as demand increases rapidly during short and specific time spaces. With the data provided by this sort of monitoring, companies can better understand which promotions are working best in different geographies and sales channels. 

Another relevant solution for the Black Friday period is price web scrapping. It allows companies to know how much their competitors charge their target customers and take appropriate actions, such as some quick promotion or an increase in ad frequency/budget on some specific channel.  

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