Automatic Contract Generator

Reducing costs with the execution and control of contract drafts and sales proposals generation. 

The Automatic Contract Generator (ACG) allows for cost reduction on the generation and control of standardized documents used in sectors like insurance, banking, real state and so on.

ASM develops smart templates for standard document generation through preconfigured logical choices reducing execution time and the risk of errors. Contracts can be generated fast, free of mistakes and with a level of security and compliance standards.

The templates are verified daily in order to reflect every single regulation update published by institutions as central banks, stock exchanges, sector agencies and regulatory institutions.

The ACG delivers reports for workflow and document content control which can be accessed on a real time basis by executives from different business areas and profiles.

ASM differentiate itself as an Automatic Contract Generator (ACG) provider based on more than 10 years of software development expertise executed by professionals specialized in data analysis and modelling.

The Financial Institutions and Banking team includes lawyers with several years of experience on regulations for financial market and corporate governance. ASM is prepared to understand every customer need and develop high impact solutions for their businesses with real results in terms of cost reduction and productivity on the generation and management of contracts and other standard documents.