Sales Lead Management

Efficient and intuitive management of sales leads for B2B

ASM develops customized solutions for the effective management of sales leads convering the entire life cycle of a sales opportunity. In these platforms, our customers are able to manage leads in a clear, simple and logical fashion providing their sales force and business channels with a secure, intuitive and efficient environment.

ASM platforms for sales lead management are built upon a proven experience in the collection, processing and analysis of sales data, which includes deep knowledge of B2B sales opportunities concept and parameters and the day-to-day needs of sales teams and business partners.

Some benefitcs which are commonly delivered by ASM lead management platform include:

  • Simple and broad visualization of the information concerning each sales lead shared by all the professionals involved in their closing and management;
  • High collaboration amongst teams involved with each lead;
  • Intuitive tools for assigning tasks and activities for each team member;
  • Shared environment for registering and archiving all the information concerning each sales opportunity;
  • Lead quality management through KPIs natively available on the platform.