Sales and Inventory Monitoring

Retail and distribution electronic sales and inventory monitoring

Countries like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, due to their geographic extension, often require the construction of significant networks of business partners like retailers, distributors and resellers. Managing successfully these networks is an ongoing business challenge. For more than 10 years now, ASM has been offering a proven and complete solution for sales and inventory electronic monitoring in these countries. Through customized platforms and a dedicated team of analysts for each customer and project, we can help our customers with the following aspects:

  • Proactive actions of sales and marketing teams;
  • Fast, accurate and transparent operation and management of awards campaigns for resellers, distributors and retailers;
  • Accurate coverage and capillarity analysis to maximize profitability throughout the business partner chains;
  • Relationship programs development and management for distributors, retailers, resellers.

The process of integrating data across business partner networks involves several challenges as business rules mapping and interpretation, as well as the technological issues and investments related to it. In addition to technical and financial challenges, one of the possible barriers lies in trading partners' perception on the use of information - a clear communication process is required for partners to understand that information exchange goes far beyond control. It is, in fact, the first step in a collaboration process where both supplier and its partners harness real benefits.

ASM provides its customers with customized web portals where every information on sales, inventories and related KPIs are delivered and managed. It is a secure, exclusive and customized environment built for each of our customers according to their needs.