Sales Opportunity Management

Our sales opportunity management solution is based on a customized platform aimed at registering, organizing, and managing opportunities. Along with this platform, our customers have access to a series of prebuilt analysis templates, and a structured data quality process performed by our analysts.

ASM customers can easily manage sales opportunities in an organized and intuitive environment, that allows for the collaboration between internal and external sales teams, as good as business partners like distributors and resellers.

Our sales opportunity management solution is built upon a solid experience we have on sales and inventory data collection, processing, and analysis. Furthermore, our background on market intelligence and research, focused mostly on complex B2B value chains, is reflected on a series of prebuilt data analysis templates and processes available on the platform.

Some of the key benefits ASM customers can harness from our sales opportunity management solution are:

  • Intuitive visualization of sales opportunities shared by all collaborators involved with the deal closing and management

  • Easy interaction and collaboration all over the sales opportunity life cycle

  • Features which allow for easy attribution of activities and tasks for everyone involved with the opportunity

  • Maintenance of the entire historical data for every single opportunity

  • Customer Relationship quality management with the usage of prebuilt KPIs available on the platform

  • Access to a number of prebuilt analysis templates available on the platform and customizable for the needs of each ASM customer

  • Support from a team of analysts who are specialized in data collection, processing, and analysis, with a strong background in market research, intelligence, and analytics software development