Custom Support Services

As a solutions provider, ASM is specialized in providing services which may involve a specific software solution or focus only on delivering stand-alone services,suchthird-partysoftwaresupport, data analysis, data integration, and data quality.

Our positioning is based on keeping a highly specialized team of analysts who are prepared to work over several types of software products, data formats, and development languages. In this sense, we are prepared to provide services based on software platforms developed by other companies delivering a customized and flexible service package.

Furthermore, we are specialists in mapping business and operational processes aiming at implementing intelligent workflows based on such processes, always searching, and suggesting improvements. This expertise is at our customers disposal if they intend not only to receive support on their solutions, but also to increase efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality of their software platforms.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the services we can provide on your home-madesoftware or a third-party product, which your company currently runs