Sales and Inventory Monitoring

Keeping a broad network of business partners is essential for the success of businesses operating in various vertical markets. For these companies, the sales of products and services, like maintenance and support to final customers, depend on building relationships with business partners that generate positive results for the entire value chain.

ASM sales and inventory monitoring solution is based on technology and services aimed at helping companies to maximize the results of their indirect sales strategies. We integrate suppliers and their partners, like distributors and resellers, allowing sales and inventory data to flow through the value chain.

We have a solid background in understanding and automating business processes that are part of the relationship between suppliers and distributors, retailers, resellers, customer support networks, and so forth.

By applying specific methodologies for integrating business partners' networks and structured data quality processes, we provide our customers with accurate and reliable information allowing for more intelligent business decisions.

Some of the benefits of the usage of ASM sales and inventory management solutions are:

  • Access to Information that allows for the implementation of proactive actions by sales, customer services, and marketing teams, maximizing business partners’ results.

  • Quick, reliable, and transparent access to sales results allowing for excellent management of sales and marketing campaigns undertaken with business partners and account managers.

  • Accurate analysis of business partners’ geographic coverage, product mix, and pricing.

  • Efficient implementation and management of relationship programs aimed at distributors, retailers, resellers, and other kinds of business partners.