The Revolution in Black Friday: How Price Monitoring Software is Redefining the Electronics Industry

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Amid the dynamism in the current market, the electronics industry faces challenges beyond mere device production. November is marked by one of the most anticipated commercial events for consumers and retailers: Black Friday. With Black Friday becoming one of the most significant sales dates, the businesses that stand out deeply understand the market and react quickly to fluctuations.

Real-time price monitoring is a complex task but has become feasible thanks to the technology. Price monitoring software is more than just a tool; it is a strategic ally. It can be a differentiator that puts your business ahead of the competition. However, the challenge is: how do businesses ensure that their products are chosen out of a sea of options? In this post, we will unravel real-time price monitoring software and how this tool can transform your business on Black Friday.

Black Friday and the Electronics Industry: An Interconnected History

Black Friday is a shopping event that originated in the United States. The term emerged in the early 20th century, initially associated with the financial crisis of 1869, but gained significance in the context of sales after Thanksgiving. Stores offered special discounts to attract customers, marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. The term “Black Friday” became popular in the decades that followed, and today, it is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, characterized by significant discounts on a wide range of products. Black Friday has expanded to other countries and is now a global phenomenon. 

According to research conducted by Yipitdata for the Black Friday 2022 season, electronics accounted for more than 20% of sales during the Cyber 5 period, spanning from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, at major retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Such a performance marked a significant increase in their share of sales when compared to the 30 days leading up to the holiday shopping extravaganza. Amazon witnessed a surge in home category sales during the C5 period, contributing to the growth in its category share, while Walmart saw impressive results in the electronics category. 

The success of electronics on Black Friday 2022 extended to the retail sector in general and resulted in substantial sales growth for Best Buy, with a remarkable 17% increase compared to the previous year’s Black Friday Sales in 2021.

Today, it is possible to say that electronics are the core of Black Friday. In this context, businesses in the electronics sector and their commercial partners seek tools that allow them to optimize their strategies. Real-time price monitoring software has been emerging as a vital tool in this regard.

Price Monitoring Software and RPA Technology: The Vanguard of Monitoring

Black Friday represents a significant opportunity for the electronics industry. With fierce competition, businesses that master the art of pricing can not only attract more customers but also retain them. The answer to how to do this masterfully lies in real-time price monitoring software. 

For real-time price monitoring, businesses mainly use Web Scraping solutions using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. These solutions collect data from multiple sources, including e-commerce websites, social media, and internal databases, to build a comprehensive view of the pricing landscape.

When powered by RPA, price monitoring becomes an essential component of business strategy. Here are some benefits of real-time monitoring software with RPA technology:

Comprehensive Insight: real-time price monitoring can be done in direct and indirect sales channels. 

Maximum Efficiency: software with RPA ensures accuracy and speed in data collection and analysis.

Quick Adaptation: in a volatile environment, adapting quickly is crucial. With real-time monitoring, you can react to price changes instantly.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: with the software, decision-making is fueled by accurate and up-to-date data, providing a higher ROI.

Market Insights: monitoring prices with RPA technology offers insights and a clear understanding of trends, enabling more effective marketing and sales strategies.

Cost Reduction: Price monitoring software allows for fewer errors, as it has greater accuracy in its strategies, thus avoiding financial losses.

Direct vs. Indirect Sales Channels: Practical Use of Price Monitoring

The success of a sales strategy is intrinsically linked to the choice between direct and indirect sales channels. In today’s world, competition is fierce and consumers have more options than ever, differentiation becomes crucial. In this scenario, price monitoring proves to be a practical and effective tool.

Direct sales are often the first choice for companies, allowing for closer contact with the consumer. However, fierce competition can lead to a price war, reducing profit margins. In this context, price monitoring comes into play, allowing companies to track price fluctuations in the market closely. With this data, strategic price adjustments can be made to maintain competitiveness. 

Indirect sales, through distribution, resellers, and partners, extend the brand’s reach but can also pose challenges in price control. Once again, monitoring becomes essential to ensure that partners adhere to established pricing policies, ensuring pricing consistency and protects the brand’s image.


The electronics industry is significantly impacted by Black Friday. In this context, real-time price monitoring software powered by RPA technology is more than a tool; it is a strategic ally. The price competitiveness of Black Friday can be a differentiator that can put your business ahead of the competition. In an increasingly digital and dynamic world, adapting to software is a risk that only some can afford. Moreover, for those who dare to ignore this revolution, one question remains: Is your business ready for  the next Black Friday? 

ASM and Real-Time Price Monitoring: The Ideal Solution for Your Black Friday

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